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Light45 is a chart-topping original rock band from Rochester, Minnesota.  They are pioneers of the “New Wave of Classic Rock” – a genre that brings the best elements of legendary rock sounds into today.  Justin (vocals, guitar) and Mark (bass) are founding members, with additional musicians joining the band throughout the years. The current lineup includes Ian Benoit on guitar, and Scott Bentley on drums.

Light45 has many Top 30 singles. Their debut single, “Steeped”, rose to #5, and was on the Billboard Christian Rock chart for a total of 16 weeks.  This was followed by “The Maze”, “Bringing You Back to Life”, and “The Medic” (which charted at #3).   “The Maze” was listed as a top 100 songs of the year on Christianrock.net for both 2016 and 2017.  

In 2017 the A&E Network began using “Bringing You Back to Life” for episodes of the tv series “Born This Way”.  This was followed by the Discovery Network show “Garage Rehab” using the song “Steeped”.  Light45 has now been featured in 7 individual episodes of “Garage Rehab” and “Garage Rehab: Revisited”. 

The band has a true international following, with heavy airplay on terrestrial stations around the world.  They have been featured on syndicated radio shows.  They have performed live on TV and in radio studios.

What sets Light45 apart is their unique approach to songwriting. “We believe the song should tell us where to go.  It’s not our responsibility to force a genre, but to help guide it.”  For this reason their songs range from hard rock, to pop rock, to worship, to reggae.  As a result, Light45 has something for everyone.  They are an original rock band that defies definition for the sake of creating enjoyable music.  A rock band for true music fans, and a pioneer of the “New Wave of Classic Rock”.

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“What Light Remains” – Single Release

“The Medic” – Single Release

The “Decibels” EP

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Music Videos:
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Live Videos:

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Tour Dates:

Light45 Live Dates


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Radio Stations Playing Light45:

Light45 is played on radio stations internationally.  In the U.S., major stations include The Call FM in Florida, The Z-Rock Radio Revolution (syndicated show), Whip of Chords (syndicated show), and Broken.fm in California.  We have been confirmed on 40 college stations in the U.S., and potentially hundreds of additional stations in multiple genres.  A partial map of known stations is shared below.  (If you know of any additional stations – please contact us!)


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Photos/Logos: (Right-click and select “Save Link As”)

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Stage Plot:

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Important Contacts:

General Information and Booking: Mark Eidem (507) 319-5464 mark@light45.com
Additional Graphic or Video Media: Justin Hawley (507) 202-0715 justin@light45.com

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