Single Release – “The Medic”

Great news -our first follow-up single to “Decibels” is almost here!  “The Medic” will be released worldwide this Thursday.  Special thanks to our global release partner Revival.FM (Scotland) and our U.S. release partner WJTL FM!

“Steeped” Featured on Discovery Network Show “Rehab Garage”

The Richard Rawlings show “Rehab Garage” used over a minute of our song “Steeped” in an episode that aired last week (and is still airing as of press time).  The song appeared at 28:34 in Season 1, Episode 2 “Westside Hotrods” (at the beginning of the “Day 5” segment).  It ran for 1 minute and 16 seconds.

As thrilled as we are to get our second song in a network tv show (the first was “Bringing You Back to Life” in A&E’s show “Born this Way”), we are even MORE thrilled that our fans are the ones telling us when they hear our music.  Our fans are die hard, and this is just a treat that we can all enjoy together.  Thank you again, Jason, for reaching out and telling us you heard us!

To you, fans, we dedicate this appearance.  Rock on!

Light45 & Disciple to Play Again at the Graj

We’re about to release more info on another private party for Andre Schmidt at Godz Graj in Rochester, MN!  It’s going to be a huge birthday bash with us and Disciple.  Leave November 12 open!  We’re going to have general admission and VIP tickets for this one.  Light Chasers will get a first crack at tickets.  Not a fan?  Click HERE to join.  We’re hoping to release all the details later this week. #godzgraj

WorshipFest in Austin, MN

Thanks to everyone who attended WorshipFest.  We enjoyed seeing the other artists and bands last Saturday.  The rain only delayed Light from showing.  Thanks again for asking us back to headline.

Our Third Radio Single Hits Billboard Christian Rock Top 30 Chart!

How about this awesomeness?!?

The way radio works, you get to determine which song, and when you want to release it to radio.  It’s kind of a way to bring some order and reporting to an industry that could be very random otherwise.  You basically say “we would like radio stations to add this song on this date”.  But if they do or not is up to them.  And there is a lot of competition.  So we are thrilled that our third radio release has been picked up by enough stations that it has made the Top 30 chart.

Thank you, God, for so many people enjoying the music.  And for giving it to us in the first place.

And thank you all for listening, requesting, and playing our music.

The Maze – Music Video World Premiere

The most ambitious project we have ever attempted.  Months of preparation, set building, location scouting, and over 3,000 miles logged taking a set to a little known desert in Oregon.  (Quite a ways for us Minnesota men!)

We are absolutely thrilled with the result.  Ladies and gentlemen – the official music video for “The Maze”.

Billboard, Music TV Licensing, and MORE!

We have been BUSY! 🙂 This post will try to catch everyone up.

Our second single “The Maze” was released a few weeks ago.  It has been steadily climbing the Christian rock chart.  We are PUMPED at how well we have been received in this crazy industry.

We also signed some video sync deals with networks such as A&E, Discovery, MTV Road Rules, and many more!  What this means is that they know of, and have access to our music to use in their shows.  So if you hear a Light45 song in your favorite show, let us know! 🙂

We are getting ready for our most ambitious music video yet.  We are building a set, and will be taking a road trip to an undisclosed desert location, thousands of miles away.  This will be AMAZING, friends!  We will live-stream much of it, and continually post updates to both Facebook and our YouTube channel.

Finally, we launched our subscription service!  This is something we are extremely proud of, and we will create a separate post soon just on this topic.  Our goal is to create a community where we actually are hanging out with our fans, and getting a small amount on a monthly basis to fund these insane industry costs in the meantime.  So we are giving away home shows, merchandise, hang out times (movies, tour bus spots, etc), opportunities to serve with us in ministry, and more!  It’s all for only $1.50 a month, which you won’t even notice being gone.  But it really, truly will launch us as a mega band.  Thank you for checking it out!

Talk to you all soon!



Feature Episode on The Rochester Experience

*Note: If the website music player is playing over this video, you can click the music not on the bottom right, and then click “pause”.

The Rochester Experience just did a feature on Light45. They came out and shot an interview during a break on the set of the music video for Steeped.  A seriously cool piece.  We love independent video.

Our first music video – “Steeped (Official Video)” is launched!

On August 1, 2016 we released our first music video on Facebook.  24 hours later it had nearly 5,000 views.  We have continually been blown away by how well received our music and art has been.  Embedded below you will find the YouTube link (FB link with original count is in the YouTube Comments) to this video.

Note: If the music player on our website is playing over top of the video, you can pause it by clicking the music notes on the bottom right of the site, and then hitting the pause button.

Steeped is a song about escaping from a prison.  The prison is sin.  And the light (Jesus) is what sets us free.  In this video, the prison is symbolically represented with the cage made of crates, and the pain of the world, past, and our own mistakes is represented by the children that poke, prod, and generally torment Critter.

We are very proud of this.  We hope you enjoy it!

Top 5 on Billboard for 3 weeks in a row!

So now what? lol.  As an independent band, it is sometimes hard to think about what to do next.  We are sincerely humbled and thankful to God for the stations playing “Steeped” around the country right now, and to the fans and team members who made it possible.  Here is a cool Google map we put together to help us visualize our current radio play.


We have decided that this will be a good opportunity to give something back, and test out some home concerts.  We’ll make a separate post for it, but be prepared to sign up for one of 3 house parties that we will do, for only the price of passing the hat.  Details to follow! 🙂


#5 on Billboard Top 30!!!

Yesterday in the morning I got a text from our manager Ken with just one line.  “#5!!!!”

He can’t be talking about the chart, I thought.  After all, we were #28 last week, and #27 the week before.

Then he sent the following image.


So, yeah.  We did a happy dance! 🙂

We love, love, love this business.  And we uber-love our fans.  Even better things are coming, friends.  Please keep in touch.