“Steeped” Featured on Discovery Network Show “Rehab Garage”

The Richard Rawlings show “Rehab Garage” used over a minute of our song “Steeped” in an episode that aired last week (and is still airing as of press time).  The song appeared at 28:34 in Season 1, Episode 2 “Westside Hotrods” (at the beginning of the “Day 5” segment).  It ran for 1 minute and 16 seconds.

As thrilled as we are to get our second song in a network tv show (the first was “Bringing You Back to Life” in A&E’s show “Born this Way”), we are even MORE thrilled that our fans are the ones telling us when they hear our music.  Our fans are die hard, and this is just a treat that we can all enjoy together.  Thank you again, Jason, for reaching out and telling us you heard us!

To you, fans, we dedicate this appearance.  Rock on!