Light Chasers

What is a Light Chaser?

Light Chasers are fans who help the band achieve their dreams.

Our heart cries out for three things:  Jesus, amazing music, and relationships.  It’s our desire to record hit, after hit, after hit, and be able to afford it. We want to be able to donate our time to playing in orphanages, as well as touring the world in cities big and small.  We want to share the rock and worship God has given us.  We want to tour with our fans, not just near them.  We hope to create the best music in the world, and get it out to people who need to hear it.  It is our heart’s cry to spread the love of God through excellence in rock and roll and worship. All of this will help benefit you, our valued fans. We need your help – and we’ve made it easy!  Read on, dear friend.

How do I do help?

By donating at least $1.50 a month on a monthly basis.  Less than a cup of coffee.  That is an amount so small you won’t even notice it.  But WE WILL!!  We have thousands of fans. We just need each one of them to lift us up a little bit, and all dreams are suddenly possible.  In return, you have the knowledge that you are helping us to reach this world for Christ.  You will be a direct part of the next album.  You will be part of our inner circle.  You will be given special opportunities available only to Light Chasers, which may include unreleased songs, first options on purchasing limited edition vinyl releases, backstage passes, VIP concerts with Light45 and other rock bands, meals with the band, rides on the tour bus, missions trips with the band, etc.  In addition, you will be invited to our annual “Light Fest” – a free festival just for Light Chasers,  as well as our annual “Light the Darkness” ministry event where we work side-by-side with you to bless people in this world.  In short, we will do everything possible to make unique opportunities that are available only to YOU!  And we will be active in this.  Asking you what kinds of perks we should give, talking in a closed Facebook group, and making sure it is the best community we can possibly make.

A quick note for our fans.  Becoming a Light Chaser is the single greatest thing you can do for us.  While it would be difficult to get a few people to donate $100 a month, if everyone simply donated $1.50 or more we would be launched as a mega band.  It is that simple.

Will you help us? It takes 2 minutes. And $1.50 a month.

Change the World With Us.

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Past Events and Opportunities

Raffle for movie with the band

Raffle for free concert

VIP access to tickets with Disciple

FREE LightFest with Set For the Fall

Invite-only preview for Light Chasers to see the new music videos.

Exclusive merch.

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