Bringing You Back to Life

When you’re weak
When you’re tied
When you feel nothing left inside

I’ll be the one you hold
The soldier at your side
I’ll be the one you come to
I’ll be the place you hide

And if you’re dead inside
I’ll be bringing you back to life

I’m the King of Kings, your everything
I took it all for you
I took it all for you

And if you’re scared inside
I’ll be bringing you back to life

Love, We’ll get you back on top
Would you hold me tight?

I’ll be bringing you back to life

Your Love Breaks Every Boundary

Your love breaks every time
Breaking my world
Breaking divine

It’s breaking down with every word
Breaking down every fear
It’s breaking out like a dream
Breaking out like a tear

Your love breaks every boundary
Your love breaks every boundary

Your face makes me alive
Makes all things new
Yet cuts me like a knife

It’s tearing down my every wall
Calling out my name
Breaking thoughts into gold
We disappear in the flame

Your love breaks every boundary
Your love breaks every boundary

Lifting me up, yeah, you’re breaking me down
Soaring like an eagle, shaking with the sound
Breaking like a dam, breaking like a dance
Breaking like a love song in a new romance

You’re always in control
Secret thunder roll
Throwing peace like hand grenades
Taking body and soul

I’m shaking like a leaf
I’m breaking like the sky
Scars cry not to save me
But you won’t remember why

Your love breaks every boundary
Your love breaks every boundary
Your love breaks every boundary

The Maze

One day I built a maze, I raised the walls so high I could not find a way
And each brick I laid in place had a name inscribed upon it’s face
My mind was so confused and my hands were cold and bruised
As each brick revealed the lies and the sins that I had fused
And as each brick I laid, I raised the thought that this is what life has for me
And that is what I got

The maze – when you feel it rot and pick it up.  When you’re feeling like you’ve got the power – oh yeah!
You keep building up a throne of broken – oh no!  You keep building it, but it has got you made.

For some days I wandered in a haze in this city of my sin until I wondered what I got
Then I see, it’s not me, all these walls I’d built had somehow destroyed me.  Then the sun got hot.
Then the Son got hot, yeah.
For the first time I lifted up my eyes, and as my hands, they had followed suit, then to my surprise the sun had
Made this maze burn away and in these endless days (this endless daze) I’ll sing to my Creator
That is what I got.


You’ve got to give it up.

Too Beautiful

I remember when the times were slow and we’d sit by the ocean
And I’d watch as God bounced light off your face
Making friends and shooting time, applauding the sunset
Oh my God, I think that I understand grace

It’s so, too beautiful

Wonderin’ wonderin’ what to do
Some can’t feel it, how ’bout you?
Making a way for the peace to shine through outta my head.

As You will so shall it be done
Making my place up in the sun
Want to find a way for the kingdom to come because I
I’m alive

And it’s oh, too beautiful

Beauty falling over me
More than I could ever see
Lights of every color sing that I
I’m alive!

Holy and Beloved

You’re love it is peace
It could swallow the ocean
Your love it is warm
As a blanket on me

Your love is so sweet
Like a bird that is singing
Freed from it’s cage
Yeah, You set me free, yeah

In my heart, I will sing of utmost freedom
Holy and beloved, yeah

You, You rescue the broken
Yeah, You, You have captured me

When I light like a fire
If I reek of another
If I smell like forgiveness
I will swim in Your peace
Hey yeah

In my heart I will sing of utmost freedom
In my heart I will sing of utmost freedom yeah
Holy and beloved
Yeah, yeah, oh oh oh oh

You’ve washed every part of me
And I will give You all of my strength
And my heart
Oh my Love

In my heart I will sing of utmost freedom
In my heart I will sing of utmost freedom yeah
Holy and Beloved
Yeah, yeah


Men, many people have I found here in this place.  Oh.
There was the woman who was bleeding
The man so filled with demons
And a thousand generations of broken and redeemed
There was the devil and the angels
The wealth of all the ages
And I swear that I can see my face in the faces I see.

Variety.  More than I’ve ever seen.  Right in front of me.

You’ve been here before.  You’ve been here before.

And as the clouds are parted by hands of grace
You are given a new name
Out of endless darkness you become a song
Heaven begins now

And I reach for the light.  And I reach for the light.
And I reach for the light, calming rain (calming rage).
You’ve always been there
You always will
And You’ll always be my friend.


Many men will tell their story, find their pages burned.
Never reach out for the pages, what remains.
Before long the story’s done.  A candle in their hands seals their fate.
But oh my God, it’s been so long.  My pages turned, my story’s here to stay.

And I’m free, the pages already turned.  This time, it’s gonna last.
And I’m free, the chains have already burned.  This time it’s gonna last.
Time is moving fast.

Well I won’t be mistaken, I’m a screaming fire, come watch me burn.
But this fire that consumes me is not the kind that you can know or learn.
It has shaped in the beginning, and it’ll destroy in the end
But for those who have been captured, this flame is their friend


It’s Started

As I lay here in my bed I’ve got a mess up in my head
I’ve got to change up what I’m doing or I’m gonna end up dead
I’ve got a pocket full of lies, that try to super size me
There are so many masks to hold.

Why I feel so low when I’ve been getting so high?
Get the hearse, I want to die
But as I sink to the bottom I can feel You come and hold me.
Hold me.

I don’t know where it’s gonna go.  I just know that it’s started.
And if you think that love has won, will it ever be, will it ever be the same?

Broken bruised and laying on the bathroom floor
Could this be all that life will ever have in store?
Sometimes I feel like feasting on the fatted calf
But as I see You now, I finally see what lasts.


I don’t know where it’s gonna go.  But it’s started.

Walk On

Sunny green hills on a perfect day
Sometimes it’s darkest before the dawn
I want to ride the wind, begin again
Yeah, I’ve been hurting for so long

Sipping this life like a fine, fine wine
It gets better with every day
I need to take the time, begin what’s mine
It’s time, that I get on.

Walk on like a breaking Son (breaking song, breaking sun), you’ve got to
Walk on like a breaking Son, you’ve got to
Walk on like a breaking Son, you’ve got to
Walk on.  Walk on.

(verse 1)
(chorus 1)

For so many years, I’ve dreamed of a time where I thought that I could last.
Hope seemed life was just around the bend.
Now You came through me like a beacon of light you know I’m still in awestruck past.
Oh, my God, You’re the best.

It’s why I…



I was born in a coal mine
I was steeped in the sunshine
I’ve been breaking my own mind
And I’ll do it again

Uh uh uh uh.  Ah ah.

I’ve always been on the run
For smoking my six gun
I’ve cried about all of my sins
And I’ll do it again


I don’t know why they’ve got a cast that stone.

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