Our first music video – “Steeped (Official Video)” is launched!

On August 1, 2016 we released our first music video on Facebook.  24 hours later it had nearly 5,000 views.  We have continually been blown away by how well received our music and art has been.  Embedded below you will find the YouTube link (FB link with original count is in the YouTube Comments) to this video.

Note: If the music player on our website is playing over top of the video, you can pause it by clicking the music notes on the bottom right of the site, and then hitting the pause button.

Steeped is a song about escaping from a prison.  The prison is sin.  And the light (Jesus) is what sets us free.  In this video, the prison is symbolically represented with the cage made of crates, and the pain of the world, past, and our own mistakes is represented by the children that poke, prod, and generally torment Critter.

We are very proud of this.  We hope you enjoy it!