Billboard, Music TV Licensing, and MORE!

We have been BUSY! 🙂 This post will try to catch everyone up.

Our second single “The Maze” was released a few weeks ago.  It has been steadily climbing the Christian rock chart.  We are PUMPED at how well we have been received in this crazy industry.

We also signed some video sync deals with networks such as A&E, Discovery, MTV Road Rules, and many more!  What this means is that they know of, and have access to our music to use in their shows.  So if you hear a Light45 song in your favorite show, let us know! 🙂

We are getting ready for our most ambitious music video yet.  We are building a set, and will be taking a road trip to an undisclosed desert location, thousands of miles away.  This will be AMAZING, friends!  We will live-stream much of it, and continually post updates to both Facebook and our YouTube channel.

Finally, we launched our subscription service!  This is something we are extremely proud of, and we will create a separate post soon just on this topic.  Our goal is to create a community where we actually are hanging out with our fans, and getting a small amount on a monthly basis to fund these insane industry costs in the meantime.  So we are giving away home shows, merchandise, hang out times (movies, tour bus spots, etc), opportunities to serve with us in ministry, and more!  It’s all for only $1.50 a month, which you won’t even notice being gone.  But it really, truly will launch us as a mega band.  Thank you for checking it out!

Talk to you all soon!