Welcome to our exciting experiment in the future of music and cryptography!

‘What Light Remains’ is being released as an NFT!

What Light Remains is our newest and our most ambitious song ever!  We will be releasing some of the first music-related NFTs ever minted, including the first Tokementary NFT in history!

SALE ENDS Friday September 3rd, 4:00 PM CST

(very limited quantity, low mints available only until August 30th)

The Skinny

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”.  It’s a fancy way of saying you can tell exactly what digital asset (song, digital art, etc.) is owned by what person by using the blockchain.

Live Friday August 27th, 3pm CST
Sale Begins after live event ends


The Cool

  1. This allows direct ownership of digital assets.  You own a signed and sealed NFT direct from the band.
  2. NFTs can be bought and sold in online auctions.
  3. NFTs can be used in continually unique and creative ways.  For example, every time you sell a NFT you own (hopefully for a higher dollar amount), your favorite band could get a percentage.  It could be bundled with a song, digital art, and a link to a documentary about the song.  In the future, streaming music could be NFT based – cutting out the middle-man entirely and providing more money to the bands making the music.  (To give you an idea of why this is needed, we currently make about a tenth of a penny for each song streamed- the state of the music industry is THAT bad!)  The long and the short of it is that it allows us to get creative and reward our fans with content previously difficult to deliver because it couldn’t be monetized.
  4. Bands usually have tremendously more to gain from an NFT than a streaming song.  Your purchase will go directly toward the things bands like ours love to do – make more music, music videos, tour, etc.

The Releases

This is the best part! We are going to continuously update this page with our NFT releases.

Our first NFT release is focused around our new unreleased song What Light Remains.  At the time of this NFT launch, this song has only been played at handful of live events.

With Light45’s previous song, The Medic, which reached the top of the national charts in the United States, the band is very excited for the upcoming release of the song for radio play.

The NFTs

Sale Begins Friday August 27, 2021

What Light Remains – Rock’n Doc NFT: 

Quantity – 100
Price*: $50.00 USD 

This NFT is an industry first – the Tokementary! We are releasing this NFT with the highest quality audio file of “What Light Remains”, song art, and what we believe is the world’s first song documentary tied to an NFT! You will get a full, nearly hour-long inside scoop as to how the song was created, what it means, how it is played, what parts we love about it, and inside stories from the band filmed directly in the Light45 studio.


What Light Remains – Crossed Boundaries Physical & Digital Art NFT

Quantity – 3
Price*:  $250.00 USD

This NFT crosses the boundaries between digital and real art.  It is a limited edition, signed piece of physical art delivered to your address, signed by the band, with a direct link to the NFT and digital art embedded into the print itself.  You and your friends can walk up, scan the code, and see that this art is 100% authentic.


What Light Remains – Rock’n Art NFT

Quantity – Open Mint
Price*:  $10.00 USD 

This NFT combines a high-quality audio file of “What Light Remains” with exclusive digitally signed art.

The song “What Light Remains” is a song that tells a beautiful story and was an exciting project for the band.  The song is one of the more ambitious projects the band has completed, pulling from a mash of musical content from every member. An old-school punk style pulling inspiration from Motorhead, OffSpring, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, Foo Fighters & even hip hop.

The song’s story is said to be one of the greatest stories every told, the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Being released on the Phantasma Chain exclusively prior to public launch on radio. A great NFT entry point to prove ownership, get exclusive content, and support Light45!

What Light Remains – Give Me the ART!  NFT

Quantity – Open Mint
Price*:  $5.00 USD 

Exclusive digitally signed art.  This is an art piece designed by the band to celebrate their song What Light Remains.  A song that tells a wonderful story, this NFT is the only place to own a piece of the song’s history.

Available for a limited time, NFT owners will have exclusivity knowing this piece of art, for their most ambitious song, art to represent this song will never be created or sold again by the band.


What Light Remains – Light45 Concert NFT

Quantity – 1
Auction – Starting bid – 0.47 ETH (approx.  $1,500.00 USD)

Bidding Opens: Monday August 30th 4:00pm CST
Bidding Ends: Friday September 3rd, 4:00pm CST

The most exclusive NFT we have released with what believe is one of the first live concerts bundled with an NFT.  The owner of this NFT will get a full concert with Light45, the behind the scenes documentary, as well as a bundle of 10 NFTs  containing the high quality digital song file, 10 NFTs containing the digital song art, and 10 NFTs containing  the documentary.

Imagine the exciting giveaways you could have at your event, capitalizing on the NFT craze to bring in new patrons or guests.

The live concert can only be redeemed once, and must be redeemed before December 31, 2022.  (Band is willing to negotiate and is flexible, but we have to put a boundary for legal reasons).  If you are purchasing this NFT as a resale, please contact NFTs@light45.com to confirm this NFT has not been redeemed.

This will not only be an incredible concert for the auction winner and their friends, but it will be incredibly unique and with full bragging rights.  The NFT Owner pays travel, sound, and lodging for the band, and will have to work with the band on selecting an available date.  Once a concert is performed subsequent sales of the NFT represent the previously performed concert – no additional concerts are bundled with this NFT beyond the first one redeemed.

The owner of the NFT may work with the band to package the live event video recording into this NFT for resale.

The bonus ART and MUSIC NFTs are not infused into this NFT and will be sent to owners wallet one week after sale is complete.

Bonus NFT – What Light Remains Acoustic Raw Cut!

Every NFT purchase from this campaign will receive a copy of this NFT airdropped to their wallet!

This video is a raw acoustic recording of Light45 playing the song What Light Remains sitting around a campfire on a guitar, 6-string and mandolin!

This performance was the first acoustic public play of this song, captured on video. Only NFT holders will have the privilege of listening to this acoustic version of the bands most ambitious song!


The Details:

The NFTs are created on a blockchain, which is what makes an NFT a ‘non-fungible token’….it’s a token on the blockchain.  These NFTs are created using cryptocurrency.

We have chosen to work the Phantasma Blockchain because they share similar values, goals and morals as Light45.  As far as their technology, Phantasma is a forward thinking, eco-friendly efficient blockchain.

   is friendly with


You can purchase with Ethereum (ETH) or their own token, SOUL.

Step 1 – Get a Phantasma Wallet Here

Step 2 – Learn How to get some SOUL here or ETH here

2-1 – Trade SOUL on Kucoin here

2-2 – Purchase ETH with a credit card with this tutorial

2-3 – Send your ETH or SOUL to your Phantasma Wallet with the above tutorials

Step 3 – Connect Wallet to Ghost Market (Ghost Market FAQs here)

GhostMarket is Phantasma’s NFT Marketplace, similar to opensea

Step 4 – Choose your NFT on this page here or visit the Light45 Artist Page on GhostMarket.

Step 5 – Purchase NFT and enjoy your exclusivity!

The Help

We understand this whole NFT is new and a little confusing at first, but don’t fret, we’ve got your back!

Phantasma Chain is the only blockchain with live 24/7 customer support during our launch, so take advantage of it if you need any help at all.  Just visit their website and click on the chat box on the bottom right.  If you have some questions about Phantasma, check out the resources below.  They have a wonderful community!

Wallet Tutorials

Phantasma Knowledge Base

Phantasma Telegram

* please note the prices of NFTs are listed on GhostMarket in a cryptocurrency.  The representing USD value may change during the campaign.  NFTs prices are set at time of campaign launch.

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