Welcome to our exciting experiment in the future of music and cryptography!

We will be releasing some of the first music-related NFTs ever minted, including the first live-concert NFT in history!

Here’s the skinny:

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”.  It’s a fancy way of saying you can tell exactly what digital asset (song, digital art, etc.) is owned by what person by using the blockchain.

Why is this cool?

  1.  This allows direct ownership of digital assets.  You own a signed and sealed NFT direct from the band.
  2.  NFTs can be bought and sold in online auctions.
  3. NFTs can be used in continually unique and creative ways.  For example, every time you sell a NFT you own (hopefully for a higher dollar amount), your favorite band could get a percentage.  It could be bundled with a song, digital art, and a link to a documentary on the song.  In the future streaming music could be NFT based – cutting out the middle-man entirely and providing more money to the bands making the music.  (To give you an idea of why this is needed, we currently make about a tenth of a penny on each song streamed- the state of the music industry is THAT bad!)  The long and the short of it is that it allows us to get creative and reward our fans with content previously difficult to deliver because it couldn’t be monetized.
  4. Bands usually have tremendously more to gain from an NFT than a streaming song.  Your purchase will go directly toward the things bands like ours love to do – make more music, music videos, tour, etc.

What NFTs are we releasing?

This is the best part! We are going to continuously update this page with our NFT releases.  Currently, our releases are:

What Light Remains:

What Light Remains – Rock’n Doc NFT:  Quantity – 100

This NFT is an industry first! We are releasing this NFT with the highest quality audio file of “What Light Remains”, song art, and what we believe is the world’s first song documentary tied to an NFT! You will get a full, nearly hour-long inside scoop as to how the song was created, what it means, how it is played, what parts we love about it, and inside stories from the band filmed directly in the Light45 studio.

Documentary provided as a link embedded within each NFT.  Link guaranteed for five years from release of the original NFT.  The objective is to keep the link active for as long as the band exists.  But we need to make a disclaimer for legal reasons. 😉

What Light Remains – Crossed Boundaries Physical AND Digital Art NFT: Quantity – 3

This NFT crosses the boundaries between digital and real art.  It is a limited edition, signed piece of physical art delivered to your address, signed by the band, with a direct link on the NFT and digital art itself directly on the frame.  You and your friends can walk up, scan the QR code, and see that this art  is 100% authentic.

Buyer pays shipping costs if outside of the United States.  The physical art is provided by Light45 only to the original owner of the NFT.  Redemption instructions are locked in the NFT and available to the NFT owner.

What Light Remains – Rock’n Art NFT:  Quality – Open Mint

This NFT combines a high quality audio file of “What Light Remains” with exclusive digitally signed art.  A great NFT entry point to prove ownership, get exclusive content, and support Light45!

What Light Remains – Give Me the ART! NFT:  Quality – Open Mint

Exclusive digitally signed art.  

What Light Remains – Light45 Concert NFT:  Quality – 1

The most exclusive NFT we have released with what believe is one of the first live concerts bundled with an NFT.  The first owner of this NFT will get the behind the scenes documentary, high-quality audio file of “What Light Remains”, song art, as well as a full concert with Light45, as well as a bundle of 10 NFTs  containing the high quality digital song file, 10 NFTs containing the digital song art, and 10 NFTs containing a link to the documentary download.

The live concert can only be redeemed once, and must be redeemed within the first year of purchase.  (Band is willing to negotiate and is flexible, but we have to put a boundary for legal reasons).  This will not only be an incredible concert for the auction winner and their friends, but it will be incredibly unique and with full bragging rights.  The NFT Owner pays travel, sound, and lodging for the band, and will have to work with the band on selecting an available date.  Once a concert is performed subsequent sales of the NFT represent the previously performed concert – no additional concerts are bundled with this NFT beyond the first one redeemed.