The Maze False Identity Submission

We are currently creating the set for the music video for “The Maze”.  This song is entirely about identity.  In this video, a man will find himself constructing a maze out bricks.  Each one of them have a sin, or a lie he has believed about himself.  He builds it until he is lost in it, and can’t find his way out.  At the end, he lifts his eyes and hands to God, and when he looks back down, the maze is gone.  He is then free to step out without false identity.

We want everything we do to be a community effort with our fans.  And we want it to have a sincere impact for us all.  We want it to set people free, in every part of the process.  And so we are looking for ANONYMOUSLY submitted sins, or lies that you or someone you know has believed about themselves.  Please know we may have to do a little editing if they are too racy, but examples for example could include:

“I’m to ugly to live”
“I’ll never measure up to my father”
“I’m a faggot”
“I raped a girl”
“I am alone”
“I peed on my roommate’s toothbrush”

Note:  The above are EXAMPLES, and are not meant to represent any particular person, living or dead.  

We want this to be REAL.  To be SERIOUS.  To make a STATEMENT about being free from lies and sins.

Please fill out the form below.  Notice how we don’t ask for ANY personally identifying information.  Not even an e-mail.  Keep your submission impersonal, and we won’t know who you are.  Even if we could find out, we would have no way of knowing if anything is real, or made up to help us with this video.  We say that so you can post freely, and see the lies/mistakes you submit possibly end up in the music video, and feel the freedom of them disappearing within the context of the story.

Ok, enough talk, let’s break down some walls.

Please enter some lies or mistakes in the box below and hit “submit”.  Remember – this is anonymous!

Thank you!

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