Birth Stories

Well, here we are.  10 years or so after Brick and Amp.  8 years since God told me to get out of the music industry.  Wow.

Here we go again!

I don’t know if anyone will ever read the blogs on here, and so maybe this just is good therapy.  But either way, I want to make one commitment to myself.  To be real and enjoy the time for what it is, an opportunity to know people and have fun.  After “band life” is long gone, I will look back on this time period.  And I want it to count for something more than just a stab at the bloody music industry.  I want it to be filled with relationships, with restoration, with amazing spiritual times with people I never imagined I would be friends with!

God, please give this music a life beyond what Mark or I or James could ever imagine.  My biggest request is that it touches people.  And that it touches us!  And that it touches you.