Thoughts on the first show!

I don’t know what the best part of the night was for me.  Maybe when the merch showed up and we saw how awesome the photo of our faces looked on that t-shirt?  Or maybe seeing how excited Sarah was after so many years of watching Mark practice in my basement?  Maybe the friends that came to support us?  (Probably that!)  Or, actually, maybe for me it was those instances on stage where everything just felt- right.  It felt like, at times, “this is what it is supposed to be like”.

We recorded the show (we’ll probably post it at some point) and watched it as a band.  We had a few rough spots, of course, but in general I was pretty impressed with how we sounded and worked the show, despite feedback concerns at times.  Man, that yellow smoke around me looked KILLER!!  😀  Thanks to Robb, Ken (KNLW) and everyone who helped in putting this show together!

I was really surprised with how well “The Maze” sounded, and had some thoughts on “Walk On” as well.

FYI, we have most of “Too Beautiful” recorded, and are figuring out the best way to add drums right now.  Pretty excited about this, as God has given us a MIDI drum set to more easily insert samples with Reason.  He is sooooo very good to me!

Peace, my little rays.