More shows…

After our last awesome show in the Peace Plaza, Rochester, we decided to take on a couple of more.  Check out our events page for some cool shows with Children 18:3 and Silverline!

The super cool thing is that I used to book both of these bands when I managed a club called “Brick and Amp”.  Now they have a great deal of success on their own, and although some of the members have changed  it’s exciting to see what they have done!  Another person I helped give a start to is Owl City (back when he was in Windsor Airlift).  It’s really kind of neat to see how people grow and what God does in individual lives.

I can’t help but think about my old guitarist in a previous band named Jim.  He committed suicide after one of our concerts.  We were all so young then.  Who knows what he would have went on to do and who he would have been.    Life ALWAYS gets better, people.  With Jesus, it always gets better.  Just hang in there.  I remember in junior high when I thought I didn’t have anything to live for either.  HOW MUCH I would have missed out on!!  Now I’m married to the love of my life, the one who was SO worth waiting for.  I have a great job, a cool band, and the respect and love of true friends and family.  The BEST years of my life were ahead of me, and by all accounts still ARE!  And it is all, literally, due to Jesus.

It’s never worth giving up on everything.  Giving up on yourself, yes, sometimes that is necessary.  But then we need to rely on God.