Getting our Groove on

It seems like every show is better than the last.  We played a show last night where we shortened our set because my amp kept blowing the power in the place and I had to use 3 Pill Morning’s Mesa Boogie amp instead.  Regardless, it was arguably the best show we’ve done yet.

There is a fun progression to watch in ourselves as well as other bands.  It seems either a band starts with great music or a dynamic live show, and then the other one suffers- at least at first.  With us, we have always focused on writing great music.  Some would say to our detriment, but ultimately, it’s the recorded version of a song we want you to be able to eventually have.  And that all starts with songwriting.

But for us that meant our live show needed to be caught up for a truly great balanced live set.  Recently, we’ve really been getting’ it.  Part of it is because we know the music better now, but I think an even bigger part is that we are practicing with the live audience in mind now.  At least I am.  Mark hasn’t really had an issue with a good live show- he moves like a deranged Gumby onstage and it looks great.  But I personally have had to work on it a bit.  The good news is that when you practice with the live show in mind, as we now have the ability to do, when you actually play live the “coolness” just comes out naturally.

It seems our fan base is increasing rapidly as well.  Sort of neat to see those numbers climb.

Anyway, time to go.  Peace to you and yours.