Recording of “Steeped” has begun!

Over 3 Fridays (1 of them already done) we will be recording Steeped with our good friend Travis Caudill at Hennipin Technical College.  I love these gigs.  The guys are just breaking in to the industry and very eager to make a good song and show their stuff.  Makes it a lot of fun, and it’s even fun giving some helpful thoughts here or there.  Got to meet two cool new people as well.  Craig, serving as engineer in this project, and a second Travis, serving as 2nd engineer.  Both are really cool guys and we get along great with them.


One of the weird things is that because of scheduling conflicts, James was able to be there but only supervise the drums (had to get “checked off” on the studio drum set- don’t get me started) but our good friend Cole lived up to our expectations admirably.  Beats those drums like they owe him money as well!

Anyway, I have high hopes for this and hope it is good enough out of the can that we feel comfortable releasing it.  We will get the original tracking files, so even if we are not thrilled with the mix they have to relatively quickly make for school we can spend the time necessary to make it sing.  Having said that, I sincerely believe these guys have what it takes to make a good mix.  Mixing is just such an art form.  I have met SOOOOOO many people, including house engineers in major studios, that just simply don’t understand that a good mix isn’t only about hearing all the parts, but about making the entire song shine.  It’s an art, a weaving in and out of parts, frequencies, and tones to create an amazing song.  This is something that I believe could be taught in school somehow, but it can’t be taught with the standard pen and pencil alone, or a “yeah, I can hear that part equally as well as this part”.  It takes a qualified person who understands the art as well as the science.  Anyway, I am rambling…

As I was saying, we have two Fridays left, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Cool people, cool music, good friends and a whole lot of fun make this one of our best recording experiences ever!

Fight the good fight-