Local MN Band

Right now we are a local Minnesota band.  Maybe someday we will have a regional or national following.  Who knows?  It is really cool to see our fan list grow, and even without having released a song we seemed to have gained a following that doesn’t just include our friends and family.  For now it really is amazing just seeing our fans come out to support us and getting to know and play for new people.

I think one of the coolest things, personally, is seeing great people like Ken at KNLW who just supports us with everything he can.  Or when we have other bands come up and give us demos and tell us how good they think we are.  That kind of stuff really makes it feel like we are not the only people enjoying our music (and trust me, we are!)

We are planning, slowly, on if and how to proceed beyond where we are at.  We know there are areas we can work on.  For example, we have played with all kinds of marketing gimmicks, from literally dripping ourselves in paint to holding out on our release until we have a music video.  We are almost done with the mix for “Too Beautiful”, (although at the rate we mix it could be another year!), but we have talked a lot about not releasing it until we have a great idea for a music video so we can release it on YouTube and Facebook as well with a link to the song.

What else…  One fun thing for me (Justin) is that we got booked at a festival I used to be the booking agent for. Lol!  Sort of fun to come around full circle!  We will be playing at Bash on the Farm this year- Friday night on the shed stage.  It will be GREAT!

That’s it for now!  I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing all of our friends and fans at the upcoming concerts!  Especially the one in Lake City with my old college buddy Ryan Daniel.  Should be a blast!

Until we meet again– God bless you.