Turning a Corner…

We are finally at a point where we are not asking for all of our shows.  They are starting to come to us.  We’ve had at least 4 occasions in the last month where we’ve gotten calls asking us to play, and all of them are paid gigs, most headlining.  That feels really good! It also opens up the future possibilities as we will have income we can reinvest into the band to keep making better and better music!  We are coming up with some new band logos/merch ideas as well.  Can’t wait for that!

The other day I had to make some mp3 files of our live show for our standby drummer Brandon.  Brandon is filling in a lot for James on drums, as James is working at a camp this summer and can’t play very often.  So far he has risen to the challenge marvelously.  Listening to the music was a revelation to me.  I think we are really, genuinely a good rock band.  I’m not saying that with pride or anything, I was just struck with the idea that I would actually go out of my way to hear our music or see our show.  It surprised me to an extent, because I’m a perfectionist, for better or worse.  We’ve worked really hard to help create great music, and now I can see some of the fruit. It’s like these grape vines I planted 4 years ago at our house.  They just had their first fruit come up this year.  I believe it’s the importance of deep roots.

Other rants- bummed that Cloud Cult won’t be at the St. John’s Block Party this  year.  Was looking forward to seeing them again!  We had a blast playing with our buddies from “End of December” and also met an awesome minister of the Lord named Dave Decker with “Lights Out” at Bash on the Farm.  He has a unique call in that he goes to every festival he can to be a travelling pastor to bands on the road.  We sat in his Winnebago, had communion with him, and asked him to pray for us.  I really recommend his ministry to other bands and he can be found at www.lightsout.me

We also had the opportunity to hang out with my professor Mark Newcom and his son Stross.  Stross gave us an awesome tour of Waldorf and they both came out to the show.  Mark gave me one of the best compliments of my life in comparing us to Pearl Jam.  Seriously, Mark- you are WAYYYYY cool!

Music update- I go back to the studio tomorrow to continue the tail end of mixing our first single “Too Beautiful” with our good friend Jeff Lien.  We are discussing internally whether we should release it when complete or only release it with a creative music video as well.  If we can think of an incredible music video idea our bang for our buck is way greater.

One last note- we absolutely love it when people come out to see us and hear our music.  We will be putting lyrics online soon, and are honestly thrilled at the opportunity to play for you guys.  Just know, from our heart of hearts, that we love nothing more than seeing you all and playing our heart out for you.

Allow yourself to be loved by God today,