Brandon’s little “Joke” and new bandmate hazing.

Our new drummer Brandon is deathly afraid that we are going to fire him.  (He was also afraid that we wouldn’t hire him in the first place.)  So Mark and I (Justin) are constantly making jokes about how he is fired, and even when we were meeting with him to ask him to join the band we made our phone calls real vague and almost like it wasn’t going to be a good meeting.

Well, I guess he had enough because I got a text today saying he was sick and puking all over, and couldn’t make a show tonight.

I don’t know if you understand what it means to a band when a member can’t make it.   It means months of planning are for nothing and all of our fans that come out are disappointed at best.

Needless to say I immediately tried to call James to see if he could drum with us, but he didn’t answer.  I sent a text.  Then I called Brandon.

He told me they ate and then he just started throwing up all over.  He couldn’t stop.

Then he told me he was just kidding.

And I told him he was fired. 😉