Why U No Blog?

You may notice some spotty blog posts over the last few years.  Yes, we are still active and playing!  Here’s a few important tidbits…

  • We took the winter of 2014-2015 off to write, record, and pay off debt.
  • We have made most of our announcements on our Facebook page.  Click here to follow us on Facebook.
  • We have some unique opportunities as of late.  We can’ t get specific, but they include:
    • A radio station that wants to put us in rotation
    • A grammy-nominated and 4-time Dove Award winning producer who wants to work with us.

I once had a preacher tell me that while things may look dead, it’s just winter.  All of the trees were very much alive.  It was just a season.

We understand the importance of seasons.  And spring is here.  Both for our neck of the woods, and for Light45.

It’s going to be a powerfully awesome year!